How do I make a monster who shoots guns?

I’ve copied the special attack from military laser turret to my monster json definition, but during testing they run up to me and start scratching instead of shooting.

Unrelated; How to make a “turret” monster, eg. so they don’t move, other than making their speed ‘0’?

Here’s my monster:

“type” : “MONSTER”,
“id” : “mon_grey”,
“name”: “Grey”,
“description”: “Frail frame, big, round head, big eyes, pencil-line lips. You know. An alien. It’s carrying a plasma bolt rifle.”,
“vision_day”: 50,
“vision_night”: 50,
“special_attacks”: [
“type”: “gun”,
“cooldown”: 1,
“gun_type”: “laser_cannon”,
“fake_skills”: [ [ “gun”, 4 ], [ “rifle”, 8 ] ],
“range”: 18,
“ranges”: [ [ 0, 30, “DEFAULT” ] ],
“description” : “P-P-P-POW”,
“require_sunlight”: false
“require_targeting_player”: false,
“require_targeting_npc”: false,
“require_targeting_monster”: false,

So, I hope necroing this isn’t seen as that much of a douche move, since I’m also interested in modding some ranged monsters.

I believe you forgot to add ammo to the monster’s inventory? (you can check turrets and grenadiers for reference). Have you had any success modding this in anyways? Anyone has tips?

Giving your monster the “IMMOBILE” flag should make them unable to move.

Giving it ammo would make it shoot, too.
You used the LAZOR template, a sun powered gun, to define a conventional gun that explicitly does not used sun-power.

But this is a necro.