Monsters Spawning Inside Home Base (Any advice?)

So, I’ve been playing on a character for a while now and I ended up finding a pretty sweet location to set up shop and it had been going well for an entire season, but after returning from a long trip and walking around a bit I got a pop-up saying that a monster had appeared… This, of course, was very alarming, so I immediately stopped what I was doing to kill it… only to see that the monster had somehow spawned inside a wall in my home subsequently destroying it. I found this mildly annoying but didn’t think anything of it besides being a very unfortunate event. I was wrong. So very, very wrong. Not even a day later I’m getting shredded in my sleep by a mi-go that happened to spawn inside the metal wall next to my bed (also destroying it). In case you’re curious I managed to kill it, but holy christ what the actual fuck. Monsters have continued to spawn inside my home (I usually get around 4 a day, not exaggerating), occasionally destroying structures, and I have no idea why. So, wanted to know is this a bug, or is it by design to prevent players from staying in one location for too long? Also, any tips beyond “Move out” that can prevent monsters from spawning so close? I tried looking for something inside the debug menu but I haven’t exactly ever had a similar issue. Any help is appreciated.

You could disable random spawns in the options, preventing monsters from spawning after world generation ( I think?)

You could disable all monsters (in world generation)

I haven’t got a lot of experience making stationary bases, When I have done it, I haven’t had these issues,
this inclines me to believe this is a bug.

Honestly didn’t think of that, I’ll go ahead and try it. If there’s anymore ideas feel free to share.

some artifacts, when used or worn, can generate monster from time to time. not sure if mi-go can be generated that way

Currently don’t have any artifacts so it’s not that, but good to know regardless. Don’t yet have much experience with artifacts.

This is indeed very strange.

When wander spawns are enabled zombies can spawn in unfortunate places, like inside a sealed room. This is a bug. It happens very rarely, and is generally manageable, if unconvenient.

However, mi-gos can’t spawn like that. You’d have to have an effect that gives nether attention to spawn a mi-go in a sealed room. I believe these can be gotten through artifacts, but also possibly from having gotten stared down by a flaming eye, or teleporting a lot, either with the teleporter device, or a teleport trap.

Also I don’t think it’s worth disabling wander spawns because of this, it’s what makes the game interesting, the possibility of zombies chomping on you while you sleep. I recommend getting a bit of distance between you and your shelter (4+ overmap spaces) and looking for any flashing Zs around it. You could be having a case of the wandering hordes, especially if you’re near a city. In that case the best course of action would be to draw them to some noise, away from your shelter, using either truck horns or buildings collapsing from fire.

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I think it might be worth noting that I’m using a handful of mods, one mod (I believe it’s Cataclysm++?) might be doing something, but beyond that one, none of the others should be affecting monsters in any way. Also, my issue is just with monsters. I’ve not had a single issue with zombies spawning in my home area.

In case you’re curious I’ve had a Mi-go, kreck, flaming eye, flying horror, and that white blob monster spawn while I’m crafting, cooking, reading, sleeping - just everything.

As for the artifact idea, I know I said I didn’t have any artifacts, but now I’m thinking that my biological sword/rifle might have an effect like one (one of the modded items from Cat++), but all I could find on them was that they lowered certain stats and raised others with use, growing worse over time. I hadn’t used a teleporter prior to when the monsters started to appear so that’s a bust, but I could have gotten a stare from a flaming eye, can’t really remember, but do you know how long the effect would last? My character currently is nowhere near my home base so I can’t exactly try anything, but I’ll see if the effect doesn’t go away after a few weeks.

Oh, and thanks for the advice for luring zombies, never thought of burning a house down to make a lot of noise.

I went poking around in c_melee.json and c_ranged.json, and I’m pretty sure barbascientiam is right; both sword and rifle seem to have AEP_ATTENTION on them, so just having them in inventory will most likely accrue nether attention. If you’re still carrying either then it probably won’t go down no matter how long you wait.

Are you playing with experimental Z-Levels active? It occasionally causes issue with monsters warping in.

Shit. Yeah, that’s probably it then. I have an NPC wielding the sword who’s usually with me, so he’s likely the catalyst for the spawning nonsense.

Cataclysm++ is ruining my ability to diagnose problems since I assume nobody plays it, only to learn half of the questions here are related to it.

Heh, yeah its turned into a must-use for me, despite the problems it causes.