Wandering Spawns

Can someone explain to me why on 1.0 setting wandering spawn is so VERY random. I mean I’m at a gas station and I walk up the street kill 5 zombies, walk around 1/2 map square down and BOOM out of nowhere 11 zombies spawn in my face. I kill them and BOOM another 15 spawn. I mean isn’t wandering spawn meant to emulate hordes? I didn’t realize hordes could teleport to the living -.-

To make matters worse I’ve stayed inside the gas station for 3 days straight and theirs a large group of zombies outside! How is that possible?! They haven’t moved for three days!

I know what you mean; these zombies can’t hear you walking around ten meters away at night, but they’ll come trampling after you en masse if you so much as sneeze in the middle of an isolated forest. I just started a new game as a sheltered character in an LMOE. I grabbed some supplies, walked through the forest to a nearby normal shelter, entered, and closed the curtains. I killed two zombie dogs and a zombie wolf on the way to that shelter. A couple hours later, I open the curtain, and there’s a horde of zombies outside and coming from the forest. As it stands, the spawning system is unusable to someone like me who just can’t fight off an endless onslaught of enemies 24/7 even when in the middle of absolutely nowhere.