Couple of bugs

Asked about these on reddit but got no replies so I’ll post them here.

I’ve downloaded the latest experimental to have fun with and I’ve noticed a couple of very fairly annoying/buggy things ( or maybe I’m just a noob and haven’t kept up with the latest updates ):

  1. Monsters seem to be hidden in plain sight Hostiles seem to be hidden from view despite having full and unobstructed view of their location, and only appear when in a much closer range. I’ve only just noticed this thing and it is very annoying because I think I might be safe and suddenly the zombie hordes appear.

Link 1 (image) :
Link 2 (image) :
(Compare the bottom of the fence between photos)

Link 3 (gif) :

The gif best illustrates this. The bug seems to be tied in with the total visible space in some manner. Monsters disappear despite being in a theoretically visible space. Then I used a flashlight with full charge, I could see further but again same bug happens further on the right side, despite seeing way further away, those other monsters also disappear.

  1. Hostiles are being spawned continuously No matter how far away from civilization I get, no matter how isolated my spot, they spawn next to me all the time. I got lucky I had found a car, but I took a break trying to rest and salvage another car in the middle of a road in a forest and they suddenly surrounded me. And this other time I had just loaded into the game and despite the zone being clear before, it had spawned new zombies all around. My spawn rate scaling factor is on 0.5 right now.

Link 4 (gif) :
Debug proving, I belive, that the game does indeed spawn a lot.

Looks like you found a bug.

As for 2), do you have dynamic spawn/wander spawn on?

Static spawn is on.
Wander spawns is on.

Would you like me to upload a copy of the world here? Character is in the same spot as in the images here, haven’t moved it in days.

Wander spawns are very good at finding you, and very good at spawning en masse when they do.

But it spawning a horde on me constantly doesn’t sound like it does work as it should. And if it does then that should be renamed to “Do you have a death wish?”.