Monster Hunter International

Have any of you heard of Monster Hunter International by Larry Coreia? Any chance a Monster Hunter profession could be added to the game? It’d be awesome to play as a character from one of the best sci-fi/fantasy series out there.

Maybe as part of Magyclism. Vanilla world pre-Cataclysm is pretty much 0 on fantasy scale.

Depends on their capabilities. No way it would be mainlined into the core game, but it’d be fairly straightforward to mod depending on what they can do. I know of the books, just don’t know specifics on the protagonists capabilities when they aren’t explicitly something like a werewolf.

The “Hunted” may include otherworldly abominations and powerful zombies, if outside a fantasy setting.

For that to be a profession, those thing would have to be abundant before Cataclysm for quite some time. As far as I know, the lore says otherwise.

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A scenario which begins some time into the Cataclysm may allow such a profession to exist as an option of choice.


The profession wouldn’t needed to be anything really special, just largely focused around combat and survival capabilities, with equipment that a professional monster hunter would use.