I don’t know if this has been brought up before but it seems like a cool idea. Now I’ve noticed we have a lot of amazing artists on here, so maybe we could get some people to make drawings for all the creatures and but it on the home/wiki page? Maybe make an actual book and sell it, profits go to the artist(s)/Team? Maybe as part of the kickstarter those that pledge a certain amount will get a monsterpedia?

Just a thought really.

Don’t mind me, imma go hide in my Evac station.

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Love the idea… : )
But as Cataclysm is an ASCII game, every creature is kind of seen differently to everyone, rather like a novel… But still, could be cool.

Sounds like something to put IN the game. Like as a side progress you can get a “Monsterpedia” and it fills out as you kill more of them displaying like name for one kill, special powers for 5 kills, and it goes on for speed; health; weakness and it can carry on per savefile or you can update the new monsterpedia by finding the old characters dead body.

Ooooh, how I would love an in-game Notebook or Journal where I could write my own notes! If it had a system to tab or index the pages, you could use it as a monsterpedia or whatever you want… That would be so awesome.

I’d kill for a note pad. You’d have to find one first, and pencils/pens to write in it.

Three tabs: Monster notes, diary, and misc notes.

Monster notes would have a page for every creature you’ve come across, so you could write down observations about them as you see them.

Diary would allow you to write one page (1500 characters or less?) before you go to sleep each night, asking you with a prompt. (Would you like to make an entry in your diary before going to bed? Y / N)

Misc notes would be a bunch of blank sheets you can write whatever you want on.

Of course, this is all easy to do right now. Just open up Notepad and write until your little heart’s all happy and content. But I’d still like to see this in the actual game someday.

We (as CataDDA community) tend to be a little off to visual art since there is no mainline graphical component to the game; there is nonetheless a Lore section on this board that is literally throbbing with amazing storytelling.

I like some of those ideas, like a Pokedex for monsters? Every time you kill a new monster you have a little book that is filled with stats. Maybe a brief description about what the monster looks like, some lore, maybe a cookie?