Monster damage types?


That’s a pretty good idea you’ve got there.

Knockback is silly though, there’s just not enough kinetic energy in a half-ounce of buckshot to significantly move a 150 pound person. It’s Hollywood rule-of-cool stuff.


Trying to rephrase here, assume you’re modelling someone getting shot in the chest, flip the shotgun around, stick the butt of the shotgun against their chest, and fire it. That is the maximum possible force that the round will exert when it hits them, the force is equal and opposite. In reality, the shooter actually experiences significantly more force than the target since there are a number of inefficiencies in firing a gun, so it can’t transfer even half of the force to the projectile(s), but it can’t help but transfer half of the force to the gun and from there to the shooter (with a locked breech at least).

The question becomes, is that force sufficient for a reliable knockdown? IMO the answer is a clear no unless it’s a massive overloaded shell (like a 2Ga shotgun or a Stopping Rifle aka elephant gun), and the gun would have a similar chance of knockdown vs the shooter.

I think they have a stunning effect already, lemme check…

Nope,. I must have been thinking of melee attacks, some of which do have a stunning effect. I’m in favor of a stun from big hits.