Monster damage types?


That’s a pretty good idea you’ve got there.

Knockback is silly though, there’s just not enough kinetic energy in a half-ounce of buckshot to significantly move a 150 pound person. It’s Hollywood rule-of-cool stuff.


Trying to rephrase here, assume you’re modelling someone getting shot in the chest, flip the shotgun around, stick the butt of the shotgun against their chest, and fire it. That is the maximum possible force that the round will exert when it hits them, the force is equal and opposite. In reality, the shooter actually experiences significantly more force than the target since there are a number of inefficiencies in firing a gun, so it can’t transfer even half of the force to the projectile(s), but it can’t help but transfer half of the force to the gun and from there to the shooter (with a locked breech at least).

The question becomes, is that force sufficient for a reliable knockdown? IMO the answer is a clear no unless it’s a massive overloaded shell (like a 2Ga shotgun or a Stopping Rifle aka elephant gun), and the gun would have a similar chance of knockdown vs the shooter.

I think they have a stunning effect already, lemme check…

Nope,. I must have been thinking of melee attacks, some of which do have a stunning effect. I’m in favor of a stun from big hits.


Ok so 30% chance of slowing them? But I get the physicals part and all. But what I think you miss is this angle; getting shot without armor will mess you up and be almost always lethal from point blank 00 shells. So simply falling down would be reasonable just because you got shot to begin with. Armored? Well, you may have been harmed right? Still a chance to bruise or break something. Maybe not 30%, but firearms are not pea shooters.

Still feels odd without having consequence though doesn’t it? I mean, getting shot with or without armor by a 00 shell at point blank range. Sure, maybe thats crap hollywood. But seems like something should pause a person right?

How about this. You just heard a huge BANG and something kicked you in the chest. Even if you don’t die. Your heart rate sky rocketed as it just scared the $h!t out of you and made you pause. I play FPS games like Stalker. I don’t frighten easy, but once in a while I’m like “JESUS!!!” as something snuck up on me. That is just a video game. People big or small get frightened. If you just got shot, you would be frightened…I mean unless a person is dumb as a friggin brick or something most people would be scared and pause.


Only if the shooter suffers the same risk.

Then it doesnt matter if you do a knockdown or slow, they’re dead.

No, because they take a ton of damage and pain, that’s a pretty serious consequence.

The player already takes damage and pain from getting hit. Theres nothing super magical about getting shot compared to anything else. If you think there should be greater immediate effects from getting hit, it should apply across everything, not just firearms.


1- No, because the guy holding the gun isn’t being shot. The receiving end isn’t the terminator bro! NPC would freak out just having gotten shot. A zom wouldn’t slow from fear, but if you shottem in the leg or chest, it would still stagger them(they would be like a heavily drunk person being a zom). Also, most people don’t fire when running…I mean, this is true and all, but we in the game can’t unless mobile in a car or something.

2-…well…sorta, I didn’t mean quite that way. I meant it like a zom more than an NPC…yeah. Anyway, zoms should take enough damage to either pause or stagger or just die 1 shot at PB range. People with armor…still pause for a moment of shock(fear and to assess what just happened)…or ya know, death as you said. Guns should be more lethal all the same.

3-Not really. Noise of a loud and harmful nature to the ears is disorienting enough besides taking physical trauma. This isn’t debatable. It is true. It is a well known fact. Ask any police officer or ER medical staff. Shock is a serious thing. Fear compounds and couples with shock very often. Hell I cut myself a few months back with a razor to the hand. Even that sent me into about 5 minutes of shock. I became dizzy and felt like I was going to puke. I will agree with most other forms of trauma though applying too. Like a stab, fall etc.