Mods Unleashed Compilation | E. V 1.0c | Experimental V 0.07 | [GMC]

I’m going to work more on this now, then expect bearly any updates after. As I concentrate on more factions and resident evil factions. I will be putting more time into this so expect every mod I hope to work for a pecific experimental version, I’ll update mods to include pockets as well. But after that nothing from my end till F. With how experimental is going atm i think this will be the right course of action.
I will upload a copy of the experimental version to the first post when I’m done. Enjoy the mods


Did you say…Resident Evil factions? That sounds appealing enough just on the surface.

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dont expect big things with factions but expect big factions :wink: i feel as there are code limitations atm but if they get expanded features i will be making factions more complex, or if i get round to leaning how to hardcode this game (this will be along time lol)

right now im going to make fixes if i means im working half the night to get this to work for Build #10707 then i will see how far before things brake and that will be the stable experimental realese of this no more till F. (although im hoping its just little fixes)

Hey, it’s all good! That you’re even attempting it is awesome in and of itself.

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Scratch that I feel asleep lol there are more update there now I’m doing it ASAP got building to do then this is getting my attention I can’t keep putting it off, I want to play with a dose of mods on lol

Not the same without most of them I feel


Turns out the mod compilation basicly doesnt work for current experimental ill try get back on top and get them all to post im gonna look now


i get this i will need to find out what mod doing it

edit- BB-guns , EW_Pack, FictonalWeapons, ManualBionicInstall, Modular_Turrets, More_Survival_Tools, NW_Pack, Safe_autodoc, Salvaged_Robots and tanks removed all due to segment fault until its fixed

Hey used only your mod pack stuff and enabled a bunch of things and for some reason it doesn’t get to character creation. it stops at a certain point giving an error about mr. stem cell and i can’t seem to figure out how to fix it since debug won’t tell me what is causing it only that info.

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Always show a screen or the exact wording of the error, Kisaki. Even if YOU can’t figure out whats wrong, others might be able to.
You could also start trying to disable mods slowly in order to figure out which one it is. If the issue persists even without mods, then its a bug of the newest experimental (if you’re playing experimental)

Alright it has something to do with Miso_Touhou which crashes during map weights on the current as of this time experimental, announcing that just in case anyone wants to test or fix it, I am probably going to disable it myself, also here is the line before it goes back to main menu

i have never seen this before? i will look into it, unfortunately, this isn’t a mod I play with. ( I only updated Touhou thanks to Kenan and the modding community. (deleted that code)
Touhou still isn’t working 100% but it will post and run

FIXED now download from here not the release

expect .8 every mod to post (game will load)
expect .9 most mod braking bugs fixed
expect .10 tobe somewhat bugfree

I will look forward to at least .8 and be happy with .10. Cause i went through a lot of using the debug log to just do minor changes to make some things work like copying the look of some things like books. Don’t know anything of doing coding myself though.
Will enjoy everything even more if i don’t have to do tiny edits like that haha, also i don’t know if your compilation has a certain unpack order into the folders or not since the video doesn’t help, and some things in folders seem to replace stuff when i delete the mods folder of the latest experimental and replace them with your mod pack.

Your coding without knowing lol, I’m not a coder. I knew nothing about code json c++ before cdda like 6 months ago a year now, I’m confused at what you mean, obselete and updates need Togo into cdda/data/Mods you can if u want put everything in there copy and paste override everything

Thank you I will update my video I though it was easy to follow but thank you I’ll update it soon

Yeah would be helpful, didn’t know that the obsolete and updates mods needed to go in last after the unleashed and no mods folders, just thought they were all separate things so i opened each and dragged the Mods folders into the data folder and replaced with whatever wanted to replace, as well as replaced the GFX folder with the tile-set and put the tile-set mods into the mods folder as well, and replaced the sounds with your sounds folders too.

I put the no mods and obselete mods into data/Mods bare in mind some mods in obselete mods make the game cdt
I make a new folder in the main folder for other mods cdda/Mods you don’t need to do this I do it for modding and fixing

Don’t replace the gfx folder with the gfx folder there you need to go into it, also there’s fonts and sounds on the download page

Oh one other thing is that you don’t seem to have the dda mod inside of your pack as well since i think a bunch of mods need it to be able to run, not sure if the game can run without it or not cause never tried.

Short answer would be “yes”, the rest of the content would require the DDA core mod to run. Trying to run the game without it wouldn’t work. That core mod isn’t in the pack because it comes with the installation of the game itself, so including that would be counterproductive.

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Technically dda isn’t a mod its the game, if you want cataclysm that’s a different game, dda I’m sure started as a mod yes but it’s not a mod its the game hence being called cdda cataclysm dark days ahead completely different from the original come along way

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I noticed you’ve added my Air drops and chemistry mod to the list, thank you so much, I’ve not given it any attention for so long, and really appreciate people liking it enough to give it a tweak and keep it up to date.

The Zero-Point stuff was literally a 2AM experiment, and it was meant to be a higher tier item set, but I should probably have made a separate mod for it, either way, keep up the amazing work, updating all these couldn’t have been easy!


It’s all good, I’m gonna get back on it just finished updating my pc and I’ll get back on fixing the mods I want to clean them up as well that will be after f. The 200+ mods will be less then a hundred ones I’ve been through them some mods will require bigger packs just to work… Ah my goals are gonna take me a while lol

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