Modifiable player vision range

Just had a thought that I don’t see much talk about, what if the player vision range could be changed by perception, eye encumbrance, the usage of zooming items? I know that have binos lets you have better landscape view range but I’m talking about character perspective seeing enemies before they see you or vice versa if your perception/encumbrance is holding you back, yet another important thing to consider when building a character and gearing yourself.

That’s already the case - at least at night (or in darkness), so I guess you talk about it having an effect during the day?
The point is, the vision range already is at unrealistic/unproportional levels as it stands (as far as I can tell). I guess it has to be reworked at some point, probably along with the aiming system…

However, since you tagged this with “mod” I’m not sure what you actually looking for… Do you wan’t it to be modable?

I’m really new to the whole modding thing, haven’t made an item mod yet and that’s like the most basic of the basic as far as I can tell, I just didn’t know where to put this and yeah I meant during the day. I didn’t put too much explanation into what I meant and that’s my fault. but yes day time vision range, I agree the current range when compared to the range of other in game mobs can be considered excessive but comparing to irl, since hills don’t exist in cdda yet, it’s really really short. so I hope that when the system get’s reworked if it does, that either hills exist, or the vision range is more realistic because I can shoot a target 300 meters away irl but can’t even see that far in game and that’s a little weird for me since I really enjoy playing sniper characters.

There are technical limitations to the current game engine that make hills and sniping impossible to implement at this time.

The developers are working to overcome those limitations but it’s a gradual process and often involves fixing a bunch of other stuff before we can fix the thing we really want to fix.

that makes sense, thanks for the reply.