How to edit vision range?

Hello there! Hope I’m posting this in the right forum.

My goal is to proportionally reduce (for about 20%) maximum vision distance of both player and all monsters and NPCs. I want vision ranges to fit my preferred zoom level (and comfortable lvl of details, I’m using tiles) without a need to constantly “move view” and zoom in/out.

So what’s the best way to edit this? Do I have to individually edit “vision_day” parameter of every creature in monsters.json? If so then where can I find the same parameter for Player and NPCs?

Thank you.

Player/npc vision is handled within code, so is hardcoded .

Be nice to see as an in game option. Maybe post an issue on github ( suggesting it and then add a bounty (

Thank you for your answers guys. I think I’m getting used to the view system as it is. Just got eaten by a horde on my first run… This is a damn good game!