Hoder's Tileset problem

Why the default tileset in game has this missing tiles street signs everywhere??? and how i correct this???



Several of the ‘old’ tilesets were added some years ago, and haven’t been updated for a long time.

There is no way to ‘fix’ them, unless you want to add all those missing tiles yourself which, I believe, you are perfectly entitled to do, as long as you give credit to the original tileset authors in your work.

The alternative is to start using one of the more recent tilesets, such as ChestHole or MShockModded. These are the most up-to-date tilesets, with authors who are still active on a near-daily basis. Retrodays recently received a massive update too. That one used to be my favourite, but now I mainly use MShockModded 32…

Hope this helps… :wink:

Plus, if I recall, several of the older tilesets lack a full array of fallback tiles, making missing sprite assignments stand out.

If we implemented that for the older tilesets that would be a good workaround. Only issue is that missing terrain will still have transparency errors. And that issue was, funny enough, what got me started on tileset shenanigans.

If we had a way to make fallback tiles assign a background in the specific instance of terrain…