Getting a fair few errors I am running mods to though

64 bit tiles version most latest DEV version

Mod list


The varieties of technician clothes all got replaced with technician_pants_gray and some migration code. I’m not sure why the migration isn’t working in this case.

The watercannon thing is double weird, because the watercannon is still in the main game. What mod is that coming from?

thats the thing I thought if it was a MOD error then when it showed the DEBUG error as shown it would show the path to the mods folder and then mod but it dont it shows the main games src files.

I know it is a MOD I shall do some digging sir and get back to you :slight_smile:
Thanks for the fast reply.

Also thank you also for your amazeing work towards CDDA I see you have made loads of commits etc :slight_smile:

Ok I think some of the errors are caused by my tile set that I am using? here is my log file hope this helps?

Oh and my updated MODS list :stuck_out_tongue:


ok the ones about water cannons are from I think jury rigged robots
the others I am sure there just tile set errors using the wrong colors I aint sure though? :frowning:

If there are water cannons in jury rigged robots, you should find their object definition and delete it stops incorrectly overwriting the main game’s version.