I thought you could use a circular saw to break through metal bars

I could’ve sworn that in the past I used a circular saw to cut through metal bars, but I don’t seem to be able to any more.

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It is on correct? I believe it only has the metal cutting attribute while turned on.

Yes, I did turn it on
It says it was wood sawing but not metal sawing

Hmm. Maybe it’s available in the % menu if you can’t do it through the item itself.

Are you mixing up angle grinders with circular saws?

Angle grinders can do that? I could go get one of those from my base and try that out. I think I may have read somewhere that an acetylene torch would work as well.

Well, you can IRL, never tried in the game.

I looked at the stats in debug and ya it seems to be the angle grinder.
Imma be lazy and debug one in my inventory just for this because I really don’t want to go all the way home just to switch my circular saw for my angle grinder.
EDIT: Never mind, I can’t use my angle grinder for some reason.
EDIT 2: Acetylene torch does work though. I’m fairly certain something was changed at some point

Circular saws lost metal cutting a long time ago. Nowadays you need to use a hacksaw.


Ah, okay. As I suspected, things had changed. I had thought that it was rather weird that it could do that, since it’s made for wood not metal. It’s a good change.