Misleading overmap icon

During a nomad phase, I often seek out high places to explore and fill out my map, particularly radio towers. My current prison escapee found one of these with a gigantic wasp nest at the top. This was somewhat of a surprise, despite the dispersed swarm for many tiles around. Neither the overmap icon nor description noted of that rather special feature, though it would be visually quite obvious given that it even cast its own shadow. Other tall features that pose a threat are made obvious, like mi-go towers.

Should the icon and description be different, to reflect that this feature would be quite detectable from great distance?


Every time i climb a radio tower and find an wasp queen that instantly attacks me without giving me a chance to process what is happening, i always debug kill her.

Its just not fair. My character should be able to see what is up there as the walkways on most of these towers are semi-transperent.

Also, its just a bad ideia to put them up there, game design wise. Putting an enemy that can stun lock you in a closed space that appears right after you climbed a ladder is just not fun.

I think the Wasp Queen is being generated on the fly, which adds to the issue. I once save scummed a death to her at the top of a tower and went back, then a totally different set of things were at the top.

I do agree you should be able to see a giant wasp buzzing around at the top of a tower. On my save scum I kept using ā€˜vā€™ to see how close I had to get to properly know something was going to end my character. Just not a fun way to die.

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