Change map icon for infested radio towers?

So since the wasps got updated its kind of a crap shoot whether or not a radio tower is infested. Honestly this is fine and can be worked around. However, it always sucks when you are halfway up a tower that appeared wasp free and suddenly you are swarmed.

I think realistically, since radio towers are mostly scaffold, we would be able to see a giant paper nest being built on it pretty easily from a distance since the nest would block the sky you would expect to see inbetween the bars. At the very least we would be able to see the wasps buzzing about when we get close. I feel like the radio tower map marker should reflect this, maybe by changing the color of the X or the name of the site. Maybe not from a distance but at least when you approach. As it is now our survivors are walking blindly into something they should feasibly be able to see well ahead if time.


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I moved this topic over to the The Bunker, as the Site Feedback is designed to discuss the website and forum, not the game.

As for the question itself:

The infested towers seem to always have bits and pieces (items and fields (blood), although the fields might have disappeared by the time you investigate it) lying on the ground, a ruined control room and cast a shadow onto the ground…
Paying attention to these details gives you enough time to get out of there in time.

I don’t think it’s possible to change the overmap tile color on the fly. Also, if you’re not paying attention to the details mentioned above, I doubt you’d check the map to see if the color has changed…

I have noticed the bones and debris at the base of some infested towers. I didnt think to look for the shadow, that is useful info. I know some of the towers I have investigated have been clear of said debris but still have wasps on the higher levels. I will keep an eye out for shadows.

I do still stand by the opinion that the map markers should reflect the infestation, even if they cant change not on the fly, i feel like it would be pretty obvious to our survivors what they are going to get into even at long distances for the reason stated in the first post. Maybe these should be distinct sites separate from regular towers? I dont think it would cheese things too much for players to know if a tower is infested ahead of time since the value of map knowledge may outweigh the potential danger of dealing with the wasps. Players would still need to decide if the effort is worth it, especially if there are no alternative sites nearby. They would be better informed in a more realistic way.

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