Magiclysm: A Total Fantasy Overhaul

Where could I create a new “pull request” at?

magiclysm doesn’t have its own repo, it just lives on the main repo. i would be happy to help you through some things via discord

Okay, and thank you.

You know what would be cool? Mana driven cars, or better yet a motorcycle made of flames as a kelvinist spell.
I’m sorry if this isn’t the place to make suggestions, but it would be cool to have a engine that uses Mana as fuel.

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In fact, that is a wonderful idea. That might require Technomancy, but a wonderful idea.
In fact, I shall create it.
This will be included in the next Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions update


The latest version of Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions has been released!
Check the comments under the “commit” section, following the earlier download link, for the latest updates.

Discussions for “Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions shall move to its own thread, in the " Lab” section.

Oh! The discussions link! Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions

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Suggestions for Magiclysm based on the current state of the mod, things that can be changed/improved to make it more engaging and fun.

Class advancement being entirely dependent upon luck in finding your classes scrolls is not fun or remotely doable, 9/10 of my runs I end up with a handful of mismatched spells from all different classes. Perhaps on top of randomized spell scrolls for certain powerful spells there should be skills added for each “class” (stormshaper, animist, etc), and upon leveling that class through the use of their spells you can access to new spells from that class, such as learning new recipes from leveling crafting skills.

Another possible solution would be the addition of more magical buildings with spellbooks. The easiest thing that I’ve thought of so far is adding wizards towers to spawn in forests. Also some examples of buildings that could be added are

Magical Colleges - Colleges hidden out in the wilderness full of libraries of magic books, maybe it has some undead wizards still roaming the halls.
Magical Black Market - Secret underground locations that can be found behind hidden walls in the basements of some houses, or even sewers. Might have a higher chance to contain “forbidden” magic, such as very powerful spells and animist spells.

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Yes, those are things i want. Know anyone interested and capable of building such maps?
i don’t really have interest in doing skill stuff until there are more maps

I might try my hand at virtual cartography.

And therein lies the problem, lmao. Plenty of people (including myself) have the interest but lack the capability.

tbh i’d be willing to meet some people halfway with maps i want them so bad. i’ve been trying to do an excel document as a tool to help me visualize a map, but i ran out of focus very quickly, as my interest and talents lie more in making things work than filling out a design space with content

Add me on discord at Zyzx#7244

I believe we’ve talked before on the dev discord when i was attempting to make some spells but couldn’t get my head around how it all worked, I’ve done a lot of design stuff for my own D&D projects (been a DM for about 10 years now) and could draw up a bunch of maps and such for you. Also saw on your magiclysm roadmap that you were interested in adding dungeons, I’ve got a bunch of ideas for great ways that could be accomplished and integrated in an interesting way.

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I just want to say that the black dragon lair feels like one of the most well designed dungeons in the game. It has everything covered; danger, traps, loot, flavor, an amazing layout, makes good use of underused mechanics (swimming, water breathing).


what`s the flaming flamberge scroll/book name? I simply cannot find it >/

There is no recipe book for the flamberge, you auto-learn it at 8 fabrication + 2 cutting + 2 spellcraft.

How do you find something with Mana Infusing? Am I just not looking hard enough? I’ve only got a few recipes (about 4), but I assume it’ll be useful to be able to craft them some day.

AFIK, they are only craftable, not lootable, you need a copper bracelet to craft it (having a mana infusing level of 1) and a tool with chiseling of 1 or more, and iirc the recipe for it is autolearned, afterwards is the silver bracelet (with a mana infusing level of 2) but that can be crafted only if you have the book with the recipe.

Got it - I found one of the books and made a Silver Infusing Bracelet. Very helpful; hopefully I’ll get to use it soon.

Hate to post another thing here right away, but I’m having another small issue that I can’t seem to figure out - how do I get these Animist spells to work? It says I only have a 17% chance to fail, but it also tells me I ‘don’t have enough Energy’ and then shows me a full bar of health.

you are probably wearing gloves which increase the energy cost of spells.