Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions

Maybe there could be a hidden cast time and random target when it triggers a fail?

Just going to pitch this idea,

“Clicks fingers into finger guns”

LICH mutation branch:
Become an undead lord with a power increase to animist spells and new spells such as summoning Zombie Hulks or resurrection of unpupled zombie corpses (very time limited spell, best used in stressful situations).


Greetings. I seem to have experienced an odd error as of late, and I believe someone here could aid me.
It is in the Toolbox section of this site, entitled, “An Odd Mapgen Error”.
Thank ye

You know, now that I think about it, there could be a way for you to like become a pure mana-like creature though mutation.
Kind of like you have a lot of benefits for mana generation and capacity, but you start taking damage when you are low mana and thing like that.


Version 2.5 has been released! Enjoy!


Like the sugar man from the sweetcataclysm mod?

I could probably start by doing something similar and using that mod as a framework.

I will try my hand at this and see how it goes.

If you are successful, we could implement it into this modification.

It will have to wait a little, so many projects in my lap right now, but i can start looking into it this weekend, let’s how it goes

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This is still being worked on right?

If so, I have an idea: Just turn the classes into mutation trees.


Technomancer: Apex human intelligence and dexterity mutations, possible solar sensitivity, fast reader, etc. Essentially all the mods a smart-hacker cliche character would have taken to an extreme.


Biomancer/Animist: Takes on a large part of the grotesque mutations like pincers, skin flaps, paws, tails, tentacles, along with a possible “Necrotic Presence” mutation, where living creature have their life force sapped and are damaged by your disgusting body. Maybe zombies stop being hostile after a while? Include cannibal for good measure? Or maybe some of the medical mutations?


Druid: Elfa and tree mutations, with smaller chances of getting the beast and chimera mutations. Animal harmony becomes one of the first ones you are guaranteed to get.


Magnus: Slime and ALL of the intelligence mutations. If the “Being of pure mana” mutations are added (I haven’t checked) this guy gets some of those but not all.


Kelvinist: Mainly just efficiency and resistances to heat and cold. You don’t have to eat as much because your body becomes more efficient with energy, and you don’t need to drink as much because… lower body heat? Maybe a modified version of the lizard mutations about cold-bloodedness, where instead the just more extreme the temperatures, the better the stats? Cold increases perception and intelligence, whereas heat increases dexterity and strength along with movement speed?


Earthshaper:Mix the Plant-life, Golem, troglodyte, and maybe some of the rat mutation trees, simple.


Honestly, the hardest to probably make a tree for content wise. Maybe Radiogenic and radiation mutations? Or you ambiently charge devices/devices use significantly less charge or not at all. Same goes for bionics: You build charge as time goes on, so it’s like the joints bionic only faster and it also charges while standing still, only slower. Maybe you get an electric cloak like electric zombies when your body is stressed or you are close to death. You can also sense the weather, but suffer massive wet effects. Or you can build static charge by moving and release it on unarmed attacks?

My idea about how you get these is by using high level spells specific class, so the more you use those spells, you further along the line you get.

Electroreceptors is a trait that allows sight of robots through walls.


I should inform everyone that this modification is still in production. In fact, I am currently working on a new update.


I just managed to craft the demon armor, and i noticed that it doesnt has an sprite, isnt it possible to add a look a like tag or something?, i know its only visual, but it still irks me that my character looks naked

I shall add a “looks likes” entry to it with the next modification update.