Minor suggestion

Not sure about USA, but in my area every car has a device to ignite cigarettes (don’t know how its called in english, unfortunately) which can also ignite paper or something similar and could probably be used as a not very efficient fire starter (it runs on batteries).

Perhaps it should be implemented in game?

Do you mean a lighter?

I think I got it.
It is a lighter that runs on batteries. It is installed in cars.
Isn’t it true that an electric lighter would be a very common thing in the future? It could be a new item or car part idk

Hmmm, makes sense to me.

They were heating elements built into electronic enclosures that plugged into the auxiliary power outlets (called auxiliary power points in some vehicles) in automobiles, usually around where the gearshift is. The device itself was generally used to light cigarettes, but the port that it plugged into is also used for everything from phone chargers to GPS devices; it just supplies power.

I distinctly recall thinking that the glowing orange spiral that is the heating element was “pretty and glow-y” when I was about six, immediately before I stuck my thumb to it because the spiral pattern looked like my thumbprint. Clever child, I was.

In game terms they could be made from 1-or-more heating elements, electronic scraps, and maybe some scrap metal, and be parts that could install into a car, but aside from lighting cigarettes, just about the only thing you could do with them is cauterize wounds; they’re too small to cook or do chemistry.

You could use them to ignite small pieces of tinder to start a fire.

most cars still have the ports for electronic purposes, but the cig lighter is something we usually have to ask for or buy special.

What PK said. They were removed from production automobiles in the 90s because kids were burning themselves on them not knowing any better. You can pick up a lighter plug at most auto stores.

Well, i never had a new car, so… :slight_smile: