Mini nuke won't go off

so I set a mini nuke for 1000 in a refugee camp. Three days later it hasn’t gone off. It just says “active”. What’s up

Have you been keeping it in the reality bubble?

Please explain. Is that like a safe zone?

It’s the general area around the player where time actually progresses fully. If you notice fires don’t go out or spread if you leave the area, the nuke won’t go off unless you stay in the general area of the nuke. I think they are currently working on that but currently it’s a technical limitation.

So it won’t go off. Ever?

It’ll go off whenever you come back, basically.

I came back. How close do I have to be

I mean, I don’t know the exact range of the reality bubble. I’ve always assumed it was as far as my character could see and then a little.

So . . . stand nearby but just out of sight range?

I don’t know the radius of the nukes, and the problem is that you have no idea how many turns have actually passed on the timer you set.

Just go check it out and wait. If you nuke yourself because of technical game limitations, I think it’s okay to save scum.


This “reality bubble” you hear about so much refers to the area in which the game’s world is fully simulated. This area is centered near the player character (at most 6 tiles of distance) and extends roughly 60 tiles in each of up, down, left and right. (This equates to just under three map tiles in each direction from the player’s current position, or a 6-map-tile wide area centered on the player.)


It went off. I’m deaf now. Going on day 7

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You can go deaf forever I think after a blast like that… Which is sad but also pretty awesome depending on your view on that. :slight_smile:


That’ll happen, especially with it basically being a small nuke going off within a few yards of you ( Definitely not like fallout, because something like that woudln’t work realistically)

It came back. About14 days after blast

wow, got lucky :slight_smile: