Question about reality bubble

This is really-really noob question.

  1. What is reality bubble?
  2. How do i know if my house covered in reality bubble or not?
  3. How far is it?
  4. Is that affect growing crops or animals?


Hey, don’t know if you got the memo, but the Chezzo wikis are down.

As for Delts’ question here’s a direct quote from the wiki.

" The reality bubble is a square 132 tiles on the side (17424 tiles total). It is divided into 121 submaps (12x12 square areas), uniformly covering the area. The center submap contains the player."

So basically anything more than 132 tiles away from the player ceases to exist. It effects crops in that I believe they don’t grow to the next stage unless you get them out of the reality bubble and then back in, this should “reset” them essentially and put them at the proper growth stage. As such they will still grow outside of the reality bubble.

I don’t know how animals work in conjunction with the bubble. I haven’t done a whole lot of ranching myself.

EDIT: I’m not an expert, so hopefully someone more in the know can verify my info, but as far as I know it works how I explained above.

I was open the chezzo but its down

iirc, its the same with animals growth, they dont grow to adult versions until you leave the RB and come back

One more question what is cbm inductive charger? I dont know what it used for,when i use it nothing happen it just spawn a toxic gas on my tile