Mini-Fridges: Just how effective are they?

I haven’t had a chance to play with them much so I thought I would ask for a little feedback from someone who has. Are they worth it to keep powered? What’s the equation or metric or whatever for how they extend the life of expendable foods? Does it tack on a few days or, like, double lifespans?

AFAIR it stops them rotting while they’re inside and the fridge is powered.

AFAIK food still rots in them, I checked a fridge stocked with meat after about a week and all the meat was rotten, yes it was powered the ‘generator’ was running the entire time and the fridge was turned on by the controls. You might get a day or 2 more out of food than normal.

If you’re in the market for a mini fridge, you’ve probably already realized that none of them can approach the quality and performance of a standard-sized refrigerator.

Last time I checked (one of the latter 0.9 experimentals) They prevented extensive meat supplies from rotting for a long, long period. Incredibly helpful.

The latest version has meat rotting dependent on the ambient temperature, right? If you cleared out an ice lab, could you use the lower floors as a gigantic meat locker?

That… is actually an amazing thought. There is testing to be done!