Mini fridge question

In my vehicle I have installed a mini fridge, however every time I load it up with cooked meat in a day it’s all rotten. Thusly, my question is: is this supposed to work like this? My fridge is powered and my batteries are full, version 0.A

Have you made sure to turn the fridge on from the controls menu?

It is on

Stable or Experimental build?

Is it summer? There’s a bug that makes food rot more when you cook it in hot weather. (It also makes food unrot when you cook it in cold weather.)

Stable version 0.A, and during the summer. I see, well that’s a shame considering my current character is a carnivore, and I thought I would be okay. Just lost about 200 units of cooked meat. I see that the stable version is a bit of a misnomer, can I move saves over from stable to experimental?

Almost always. If we break compatibility, we announce that fact. Should be able to just grab the latest and copy your saves/options over.

“Stable” is as crash-free as we can make 'em. Totally debugged? Uh, not even paid software ever gets that way. Sorry.

Thanks! And trust me this project has become a thing of love, you guys aren’t paid but are so devoted you keep improving it anyways, that is respectable and beautiful.

If push comes to shove, you can make meat jerky (or other nonperishable meat products) out of rotten meat, and it’ll come out fine.