Mineral Water in Vending machines

Not sure if vending machines are bugged here.

Latest experimental seems to have vending machines have a single 18 portion mineral water. So not sure if they just provide water cooler style jugs or they are bugged?

It happens if something hits the vending machine and breaks the glass bottles.

Interesting…except in all of them? Unbroken vending machines at that ? O_o

Besides which, it comes in a glass bottle(standard container amount I think) and not broken and can be carried…I like having 18 portions but I seriously think it is a bug lol

Glass bottles can break before the vending machine.

You mean, those 18 units are contained and can be picked up? That would be a bug.

All 18 portions can be bought for a 1 bottle price and NOT broken bottle + all 18 portions are actually IN 1 bottle. Soooo…me thinketh a bug :wink: