Ammo vending machines always empty

What: The vending machines which disperse ammo in high tier gunstores are always empty. The gunstores have loot on tables and such, but not in the vending mahcines

When: Since version 4692 up to latest (v4771)

Steps taken to fix: Loaded new world with same mods, spawned multiple gun stores, all vending machines empty. Loaded world with no mods, spawned mutiple gunstores, all vending machines empty. Downloaded multiple versions, did same things, same result.

More info on bug:

I can use normal vending machines fine, I have plenty of money on my cash cards, and every ammo vending machine says “The vending machine is empty” when I attempt to access it. The gunstore has ammo/guns/mags on the tables but nothing is ever in any of the four vending machines.

Do they drop if you smash em?

No, they do not. As it says, the vending machines are completely empty, all the time. I just checked it, the bug persists in build 4834. The loot table for this particular building [gunstore_home_defense in the jsons.] is apparently borked somehow, maybe due to the Magazine update?

Time for a bug report: