Milling / swords derail


Best idea ever.

But I wonder why we don’t have melee weapon mods by now…[/quote]

Probably has something to do with the haters hating, devs having other priorities, and we’ve got a blocker list up so are working toward a release.

What does that even mean?

What does that even mean?[/quote]

Heatblades and diamond-coated gear were fairly popular candidates for blacklisting. Some folks wanted to exclude gear just because it was Japanese, and the first such exclusion was medieval-gear.

So a fair proportion of the melee weapons that have been added have also been targeted for removal efforts. Gets old.

I don’t think anyone wanted to remove items solely because they were Japanese, but because to find examples of medieval weaponry that are authentic and in usable shape would be exceedingly rare in New England in the 2040’s. At the very least, much rarer than the game is currently able to represent.

Museums might have a weapon or two, but it would most likely be in a preserved rather than a restored condition, so it would not be an effective weapon until you had restored it to its original condition. But, a museum with something like that would probably be a major museum, and you would only find them in big cities. Realistically, there would be a large variety of other museums with smaller exhibits, 95% of them being worthless, but we don’t yet have the game accurately reflecting that.

Antique shops are a similar story. 99% of antique shops will have furniture, lamps, instruments, artwork, misc knick knacks, etc. Things like antique weaponry would usually fall into a niche market and you would have to find someone who specializes in antique weapons, and I’m guessing most of them wouldn’t operate a storefront, and instead seek to connect buyers with sellers, or go through auctions, etc.

I think most of the people that are arguing that they be removed would just rather see the game more capable of representing the actual rarity of these items. And sorry for the derail, I just wanted to clear up that bit of misinformation.

My local paper - and granted, I don’t live in New England - was reporting on police seizing swords (among other weapons) from drug dealers last week. I find it completely plausible that such weapons would remain/become fashionable in the criminal underworld in 2040s New England.

And they were probably knock-offs. A real sword made for real combat is pretty hard to find. It seems to me that the authentic antique weapons should just spawn with some damage already. Marked, dented, etc. The cheap knock-offs should actually do the same damage as an authentic weapon, but it would be VERY unreliable, and break very easily. I’m sure you can find videos of kids breaking cheap stainless steel swords on the trees out there somewhere. Also, the Mil. Surplus store needs to have knives and swords in a display case. I’ve never gone into a mil surp store that didn’t at least sell knives. Maybe some nunchaku and throwing stars too. Butterfly knives and switch blades too.