Milling / Grinding Quality

Perhaps add Milling or Grinding quality as an attribute on certain items and make recipes that would normally require the quern to function, such as bone or corn meal, pepper, etc can use other objects with Milling quality instead. Higher Grinding quality could be used for advanced techniques such as milling powdered minerals or metals. For instance, disassembling a diamond ring and grinding it into diamond dust which you then apply as a mod on edged weapons or use to create higher cutting quality items.


Best idea ever.

But I wonder why we don’t have melee weapon mods by now…

Yeah, that’s why, from now on, I’m gonna be posting stuff here in the forum instead of on the Github. Plenty of space here for conceptualization and leave the git for the direct technical discussions. Thank you for the good work, by the way. This game is basically everything I’ve ever really wanted from a zombie apocalypse game.


Anyway, I’m not averse to alternate forms of milling. Would need to see some examples.

Which seems weird to me. I mean, there’s museums and antique stores where you find those types of weapons which is entirely appropriate for the setting. I know I’d want a REAL sword over a simple machete, that’s for sure.

Might need a new phase category for object types that behaves similar to liquids in that it needs a sealed container of some sort, like a jar. I guess call them POWDER and then make it so it has to be in a container with the SEALS token but doesn’t need the WATERTIGHT token. Add a ziploc bag container-type that is granted the SEALS token but is not WATERTIGHT, so you can’t store LIQUID but you can store POWDER. Thought it was strange how you find find cocaine without a plastic bag. The same with other powders like lye, oxidizer, etc. I feel like these items should to be stored in jars, bottles and bags.

Three tiers come to mind right now, regarding Milling Quality and what each can do:

Milling Quality 1: Lets you mill vegetable matter, wood, coarse grains, and very soft stone (chalk, limestone). This means a quern or mortar and pestle can be used to grind corn, oats, wheat, and coffee into corn meal, oatmeal, and cracked wheat, cracked coffee beans. You could create potato flour by milling dehydrated baked potatoes. Wood (and hemp) can be pulped and used to make your own paper, methanol distillation, and to make rudimentary sawdust or flour fire bombs. Pulped wood can also be used with glue to make sheets of oriented-strand board, which is a higher quality window covering over boards (very sturdy)

Milling Quality 2: Lets you mill rock into gravel, sandstone into sand, and grind grains into fine flour or coffee into coffee powder, soft metals (gold, silver, copper, iron, etc) are made into filings, and plastic into fibered plastic. Limestone milled in this fashion along with sand and gravel can be used to form-mold concrete blocks and build concrete structures. Powdered salt added to a concrete mixture will create fast-drying concrete. Milled plastic added to concrete will create Plasticrete blocks for use in constructions. Rebar can be added to poured concrete constructions to make ferroconcrete structures. Metal filings can be used in chemical processes as well as metal-plating through vacuum electrolysis. For instance, rusted iron filings are an ingredient in thermite.

Milling Quality 3: This tier covers milling strong metals such as steel, ceramic, diamonds and superalloy into filings and powder. These powders are used in advanced metallurgy recipes and in construction. Milled superalloy added to concrete creates a super-reinforced concrete wall. Powdered diamonds are used to enhance tools and are a component in carbon-plasma coating. Ceramic powder is used in advanced electronics and damascene steel.

Quality 1 is achieved by the quern or mortar and pestle.

Quality 2 is achieved with an electric grinder, a vehicle-mounted pulverizer (vehicle part), or a hand-powdered millstone (perhaps in the future, add the ability to rig a windmill or waterwheel to it somehow) Suggestions for locations for the pulverizer is a place like a limestone quarry or construction site where gravel or limestone are required.

Quality 3 is acquired solely through the use of the industrial crusher, which is a vehicle-only part. Likely found in factories, it uses a lot of power and is VERY loud but it’s the only method of acquiring the pulverized metal necessary to create the strongest materials.