Military vehicles and hazardous waste sarcophaguses

do military vehicles still spawn inside the garages of hazardous waste sarcophaguses? and if so, what is the chance?

They do, found an APC. Got military plates. Won game.

Hazardous Waste? That is perfectly good mutagen!

do you know what the chances are? or is it just totally random?

It’s a straight 50/60 chance one won’t spawn. The type is determined.

[quote=“gtaguy, post:4, topic:4843”]It’s a straight 50/60 chance one won’t spawn. The type is determined.[/quote]50/60? 110%? what the hell?

Uh, I’m pretty sure only Military Cargo trucks spawn there, not APCs

I’m pretty sure, too. I’ve encountered two cargo trucks, but not one APC.
Also, I’m pretty sure explosives are the only way to get the truck out of the sarcophagus. I don’t think there’s any way to open the garage doors.

Explosives are the only way to do anything.

It’s hard to tell when everything is just letters.

It’s a 50/60 chance. Meaning there is a 50% chance one will spawn, but a 60% chance something won’t. It’s weird.

You need to blow it up.

i just rammed the doors with my humvee.