Vehicle Rarities don't make sense

Looking at vehicle_groups and the probability assigned each vehicle, I assume they are picked randomly out of the total of that group.

Of city vehicles:
2 out of 1000 cars on the road right now are using mini-nuclear reactors.
RVs: 3.34%
Swat Trucks : 1.34%
Road Roller: 1.34%
Armored car: 1.34%
Humvees (both types): 1.34%
APC (both types): 1%

Vehicles on the Highway:
No cars have mini reactors.
RVs: 6%
Swat Truck: 1.5%
Armored Car: 2.2%
Humvees (both types): 5.6%
APC and Advanced APC: 4.1%

Vehicles in Parking Lots:
4 out of 1000 cars in parking lots right now are using mini-nuclear reactors.
RVs: 1.64%
Swat Truck: 0%
Armored Car: 0%
Humvees (both types): 1.2%
APC and Advanced APC: 1.9%

Military vehicles should be removed from city spawn lists (maybe rare highway Humvees) and left to military roadblocks or expanded into military bunkers / bases with defenses. They have lots of ammo to remove and provide military armor shells. Luxury RVs are a lot more rare then military hardware, APCs are more common then RVs in parking lots. Swat trucks should be limited to police roadblocks and police stations IMO.

~2% of vehicles are armored cars, this is too high. Even ~4% of vehicles being RVs seems too high. And 2% of vehicles being meth labs seems like a bad neighborhood.

I think the logic is that the military was doing a lot of fighting in the cities. It wasn’t exactly peacetime in the days proceeding the start of the Cataclysm.

Agreed, the military has quite a lot of vehicles and would have been doing the best they could to contain the zombies. Police too. Realistically, there just isn’t that many vehicles on the road. The odd rarities could be chalked up to everyone jumping in normal cars and leaving behind anything too big or heavy to evacuate in like RVs or Meth Labs.