Items spawning in vehicles

Simple suggestions - have car boots of wrecked/parked vehicles have a chance of containing jacks, spare tires, carboys of water, coats. Have wrecked cars without engines sometimes contain lots of fuel. Spawn the occasional corpse near heavily wrecked cars.

Or a busted military cargo truck with a few dead soldiers and zombies crawling around, instead of just dead military bodies. Maybe some crates in the back of the truck with extra supplies, instead of foot soldiers loaded down.

agreed. cigarettes in the driver’s box compartment, maybe a roadmap, glasses and some other stuff I forgot just now.
Also the ability to check under the seat and down the back of it for spare change and chewing gum would be cool.

School buses with zombie kids in/around them as well as backpacks and some books.

Would be cool to find the occasional car with cop zombies around it, and a shotgun in it. Usually around police stations and the like.