Military Depot ~ Bunker expansion/war room

Hey guys.
So I’m considering making something like this, but I’m really just tossing ideas around right now.
Can anyone give me some ideas or suggestions? Do you think these would fit in the game etc?

Military Depot
Either 1 or 4 tiles, so it would be either a small house-sized one or 2x2 public works sized one.
Have one military vehicle a small garage/hanger, turrets, maybe some kind of large fuel tank of the like you’d see on farms or just a gas pump or something. Pit trenches, placeable/deployable tank traps that act as obstacles to vehicles for use in road blockades…
Small barracks room, small armoury, kitchen/foodstore and guard post etc.
Plenty of chain fencing, plenty of Zombie soldiers, the new zombie dogs, secubots, tankbots and the like.

War room
First of two ideas.
Ideally this would be a second type of bunker, identical to a bunker or military outpost up top (or maybe a combination of both) and considerably rarer but instead of leading to a basement full of a few weapon rooms and the like it would lead to something like the current science labs-- except much, much harder, complete with military-type boss ends and suitable rewards.

: add a small basement war-room beneath some bunkers quite rarely. This would be the easiest option but I’m really not sure what it would add to the game, or what to add to it. Plenty of computers, a break room, a small barrack dorm…? I dunno.

Lastly, considering some kind of 3x3 pentagon-type military HQ like a hospital or mansion, but I’d really need to have a look at the multi-tile building code first.

As it is right now I’ve got a pretty firm impression of what a military depot and a huge military bunker dungeon could be, but the rest are a bit sketchy.

When I read “Military finales”, I thought of a hulk pumped up with military CBMs.

I was thinking a giant robotic super-tank ai that went crazy and shot everything.

I like the sound of your ~wonderful ideas~ very much.

Seriously, every part of your idea there sounds awesome.

Erratum (IIRC) from the IRC was working on something like this. If xe’s around, you two might compare notes?

As for the merits, could be interesting. I’m thinking 2x2 for the depot, with the basement going Bunker-y. 3x3 milbase seems the sort of thing that might well still be operational–so needs living soldiers at it, IMO.

(Or it’s just wall-to-wall Zombie Soldiers, with an occasional Zombie MilCyborg…)

This. I was envisaging some super tankbot finale (mostly immune to EM hardened electronics and faraday cage effects) a few soldier zeds still walking around in damaged power armour… All stuff that you’d need heavy explosives or powerful AP/FMJ ammunition to penetrate.

Also I’ll check with Erratum, see what he’s done so far.

These are both great ideas!

War Room?! You can’t let the survivors in there. They’ll see everything! They’ll see the big board!

Perhaps the war room could hold the key to containers of [redacted] located at the actual military bases. Make it a complete tour, all the while ensuring maximum contact with your devious creations. My reasoning is that the most valuable thing you’ll find in the war room is information, and you won’t have to justify a collection of 'T-51b’s sitting in a room not being deployed.

Of course, this may not be helpful, and my top hat may simply be too tight.

No, it’s all helpful CarrierPrimoris. that is actually what I intended the small bunkers to be, mainly to have a computer console with a map function similar to the lab ones which would show the locations of other nearby military outposts, bunkers and silos etc.