New Military Building -- The FOB


Alright. I’ve been meaning to make a Sci Lab-type musical instrustment military dungeon for a while, but I’ll need to take a look at the Sci-Lab stuff first-- it’ll be out of my range otherwise. If anyone can link the relevant Sci-Lab code blocks it would be a help. Also basements.

I’ve called it a FOB but it might not actually end up like that as they tend to end up as temporary / semi-permanent camps.
Something like a military ver of the FEMA camp we have now with earthworks would be an option, but I’m currently working on the permanent one. Probably something like a large National Guard Depot or something. Plenty of gear, plenty of loot and plenty of dangerous enemies.

Initial Design Outline

[ul][li]3x3. map tiles is going to be a real squeeze. 4x4 to allow a 1 maptile outer defensive border.[/li]
[li]4x4 internal might be preferable, bringing the total size to 5x5.[/li]
[li]Bldgs Starting from N/NE/E/SE/S/SW.[/li]
[li]Cmd/Comms, Armory[/li]
[li]Mess/PX (Cafeteria and base store)[/li]
[li] Central tile is a drill square, or somewhere to form up.[/li]
[li]Hopefully a 3x3 basement area. Would free up a lot of space. <|---- Any ideas for underneath? Generators, Vehicle park? Explosives storage beneath the Commandant’s Office etc? Might be worth moving the medical ward down here and having some more warehousing/storage.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]Entrance is on the SE square. Hairpin turn into the motorpool and then drill square. Checkpoints, chainlink gates and turrets.[/li]
[li] if we go to a 4x4 design Entrance would likely fit better on a N/S/E/W tile.
[/li][li]Outer defences-- Chainlink fence> Mines/Turrets > Inner wall. > internal turrets. Searchlights in both outer/inner zones.[/li]
[li]Drones/Tankbots, Manhacks. I’ll try to keep the Tankbots outside, although sticking one in the motorpool might be !fun![/li]
[li] Plenty of the more dangerous zeds, but not so many they end up breaking walls down.[/li]
[li] Smoke, teargas, alarms and turrets if you miss-hack something.[/li][/ul]

Problems noted so far

[ul][li]Space. Not sure fitting the large tanks in would work. The Atomic minitank will fit, the med one might but the large one definitely won’t. APCs/AFVs and the cargo truck should fit although the cargo truck might be a squeeze through the entrance. [/li]
[li]Space, again. I’m going to try and combine buildings across tiles so it looks like a more organic design when you find it instead of just seeing tile X, House, tile Y, Garage etc.[/li]
[li] Freeing up a basement area would be ☆ミideal☆彡, so if anyone can direct me on this point that would be awesome.[/li]
[li] Finale. Nothing too grand. Ideas?[/li][/ul]

God that still looks hard to read.

Anyway if there’s anything essential you think I’ve missed, or you’ve got a suggestion let us know. Best time to change stuff is right now.
I expect to have the base, main design finished in one or two weeks ready for testing.
Seriously the more info the better.

Anyway it’s like 2:30AM here so I’m signing off.
PaNyaNyan. Sweet dreams.

sounds like place where oldguard may send someone to get something too
idea sounds good too good luck with that