Suggestion-Military Base and more

I haven’t found anyone suggest such thing yet, nor have i found any if they are already a real thing in game, but i think it would be nice to see a semi-end game map tile: A military base.

It would be interesting to see such place as there are already small military outposts and the infamous bunkers, but we all see these dead and undead soldiers milling about in the world, but where do they come from, where were they stationed? I believe adding a military base would possibly help with lore of the game, and would allow players a unique almost boss like venture in-game if one were to find and attempt to raid one. My idea of a military base could be big or small, not as small as a outpost or bunker but medium sized area or very large (larger than a mall would be as most bases are spread out miles in a certain area i.e. Fort Bliss as a example). The bases themselves could even be spread out into various areas on the map, such as the armories or lodging on one area connected by roads or tunnels. Like a common military base, one would have mess halls, barracks, admin buildings, depots, armories and vehicle bays. Like most bases, they are surrounded by fairly large barbed wire fences. Inside the base itself, and inside the buildings furthermore will the player travel across a area twisted with destruction and carnage of the initial outbreak. Bodies of military and civilians will be strewn about, hordes of small and large will be found moving all around inside the base. It is to be said that the actual looting and exploring of the base is to be EXTREMELY difficult and is to be a timely process due the size of the base. inside is the player to find stupendous amounts of supplies of every sort to be typically found within a base. It may be hard but it is very rewarding that is if a player can bring what he can.

Further ideas into some “special things” within the base.
-Underground facilities which housed some experimental drugs, serums, chemical and bioweapons
-Test subjects which have gone wrong (for instance captain america) that were to be “super soldiers” but are now zombified, all can be different, some large and muscular enough to flip vehicles and others with bionic machine guns attached to their shoulders, they can be found both underground or escaped onto the surface (they can be randomly generated to have different abilities and weapons to have a unique experience whenever faced)
-Underground vaults or surface buildings which housed large amounts weapons and ammunition ranging from small arms to bombs, can only be opened from a special ID found on certain people
-Facilities which housed some experimental lazer weapons which could be found in the labs, (would be cool if the ones only found in military bases are randomly generated so any plasma or lazer weaponry can be generated with different abilities or barrels, ect.
This is all i can think about as of right now for hidden things within the base, but more suggestions from others would be greatly appreciated

Other things i had in mind-
-Underground ammunition storage buildings, the concrete buildings with large blast doors that are semi-buried into the ground (look up storage bunkers, i would post a image but i dont know how) they can be hidden and are generated in rows along a road, they can be accessed via military id
-Firefighter bots, like the police bots but firefighters, if a eyebot notices a fire in a public building, these bots are sent to put it out via internal firehose
-M18/M67 Recoiless rifles, older recoiless rifles dating back to the cold war, firing small conventional artillery rounds, ammunition can include typical HE rounds, willi pete, incendiary, ect.
-Firetrucks(if they’re not already in) with working hoses and all
-M2 Flamethrower, a flamethrower latest dating back to the Vietnam war, uses actual napalm as fuel not gasoline and has a greater range and burn time than the already in-game flamethrowers

  • AN/M14 incendiary grenade, typical used for demolition, grenade that is thrown and detonates with a mixture of explosives and thermite, burns at extreme temperatures and can set nearby objects and fire and can cause metal to melt
    -MK3 concussion grenade, rather than using metal fragments to harm, a large grenade with a longer timer that is packed with more explosives than metal, can be used as demolition but can be used a defensive weapon to kill by causing overpressure in close quarters situations
    -(not really needed but more diversity) M61 lemon grenade, a mix between offensive and defensive hand grenade, causes overpressure in tight areas to kill but also causes fragments to kill aswell
    -Mk.19 GMG, automatic 40mm grenade launcher, mountable but needs high maintenance and ammo supply to work
    All i can think of as of right now but more input would be nice from others

Late end-game vehicles-
With the introduction of military bases, some will have the luck of spawning with a airfield, helipads, a vehicle depot, or a mix. This can cause the opportune moment to add some very powerful vehicles to the DDA world. All of which are rare or very rare, and are subject of spawning within the crowd of trucks and other common vehicles found within the motor pool within the base.


wheeled troop carrier, one 25mm bushmaster chain gun and one M240 coaxial
M2 Bradely
tracked ifv/troop carrier, one 25mm bushmaster chain gun, one M240 coaxial, 4 TOW missile pods
M1 Abrams
tracked MBT, one 120mm smoothbore main gun, one M2 coaxial gun, one M240 coaxial
M60 Patton
older tracked MBT laced in composite armor tiles, one 120mm smoothbore gun, one M240 coaxial, one M2 in commanders copula
M728 Demolition Vehicle
tracked demolition vehicle, variant of M60 MBT, armed with one large 165mm short range demolition howitzer, one M240 coaxial
also has a large crane boom which can go up and down and is equipped with a winch to have the ability of towing vehicles and armor alike
also has a large plow in the front, capable of moving rock and dirt or anything really when needed, can also be re-equipped with mine clearing equipment
tracked APC, can be used to replace the generic APC already in game, can be equipped with different weaponry on the turret from anywhere to M60 to a flamethrower
anti-air variant of the M113, armed with one 20mm minigun
anti-air variant of the LAV-25, armed with one 20mm minigun and stinger missiles
armed with one 20mm three-barreled chaingun on the nose, various rockets and TOW missiles
AH-1 (original)
older version of the viper, armed with two 7.62 miniguns on the nose or a mk.19 instead, large amounts of dumbfire rockets
H1 Huey and variants
-Huey HOG
two 7.62 miniguns and 2 door mounted M60s
various amounts of dumb fire rockets but no more than 14, one pod on each side along with the miniguns
-Huey heavy HOG
same armament as the first but no M60s and one 24 sized rocket pod on each size for a total of 48 dumb rockets
one frontal mounted Mk 19 GMG
AH64 apache
30mm chaingun
8 TOW missiles
various amounts of dumb fire rockets
UH-60 blackhawk and possible variants

Possible planes-
C-130 and possible variants
KC-135 for those big booms
and more…

I’m not sure what the current state of how close we are to seeing aircraft, same reason being im not really going to go too in-depth with the military planes.

Now yes these are all a bit OP and are suppost be, but the very big withdraw from all of these are the fact that most are going to be highly maintained in order to operate efficiently, and are to be found with little to no ammo for any of the main guns at all. Like all vehicles though they can be dismantled and used for parts and can be customized, some parts can be gryo-stabilizers or HUDs which can be used in other vehicles, all of which have different uses.

*note that another possible suggestion are airports, large and small or even personal farmer owned ones, subject with the adding of planes alone

A lot of this i know are probably not possible to even work within the game, but another view is that some of this can be props or buildings instead of workable objects, (for instance the back of a plane or apc can be simply a building which could be used for scrap instead). Take what you will for what i suggested but this is just my input into what could be seen later in the game.

I hope this was informative and at least a bit idealistic for anything that may be added future within the game, sorry it was a bit long but these are some of my ideas and suggestions of the game. Further suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated. I’m aware that maybe some of these things were already asked for but for the sake of the amount of information in this it just puts by vote for whatever it was to be added already.

I would chew you out so hard on how 68% of the things you said wouldn’t work, but I don’t have a proper keyboard right now. We could make the bases, buildings, and zombie spawn/item spawns, but it’s another thing to make vehicles that don’t/won’t work right now and weapons that have no reason to exist/be there.

Oh and welcome to the fourms. Feed the ninjas, please.

Thank you, for the reply, i forgot the mention what you said which i will fix promptly. I understand that many of said ideas are probably not possible to put into the game, this is just simply my input into what i’d like to see put into it.

[size=4pt]Dammit he responded with kindness snd understanding this was not how it was supposed to go abort abort[/size]

Eh, thought the same as you once. Then I saw the code… so scary…

Yea i understand the code to the game is hard shit. In all honestly the lack of real large dedicated military bases were my main rap, but i’d imagine that sooner or later down the road things such as turreted vehicles (manned weapons) can be possible. I’d be amazing to see the carnage people could do if they could weld turret with weapons on to their vehicles (again the manned kine). Aircraft aside thats stuff that will not probably seen for awhile. A lot of what i wrote down are just simply ideas and can give a relative perspective to what could be seen later. As for the comment of irrelevancy for the suggested weapons, i would have to say to you that if the representation of portals, demons, lazer weapons, temples and other fictional stuff present in game are not a work of fiction, all i’d have to say is “why not?” I mean one could use a bit dated flintlock from a antique store, but one couldn’t use a weapon that was developed less than 40 years ago? Hell the LAW is in game and we’ve been using it since the 60’s both in real life and in-game, so why not some original recoiless rifles? A little diversity couldn’t hurt a whole lot, plus i mean who wouldn’t want a portable hand-cannon.

But the thing is, posting suggestions on a version that cannot be made to accept those suggestions will be ideas wasted. No one is gonna go back and look at old suggestions.