Mi-Gos and Minefields

Not sure what’s going on, but I just tried leading a pair of mi-gos into a minefield. One of them lagged behind, after getting distracted by something, but the second one followed me into the minefield, only to get ‘stuck’ at the point where it should have stepped on a mine. I had already mapped the minefield out, so I could see where the mines were, but once it got to the file next to a mine, the mi-go just stood there, doing nothing. I let several turns pass, but still it didn’t move, and so I just walked over and shot it with my rifle. I haven’t noticed this problem with any other monsters, which I often have great fun with, letting them loose in minefields… :wink:

Mi-gos will avoid danger like fires and broken windows. Maybe it suddenly realized that it was standing in a minefield and decided to just stand still?

I think Mi-go can sense mines when they’re adjacent to them. The mi-gos pathfinding algorithm tells it go toward you, it can’t go toward because of the mine, so it stays still. If you move so that the Mi-go can move closer to you without triggering the mine, it will move again.

Fair enough. It was just odd how the mi-go stood there, until I shot it dead… :slight_smile:

Last time I checked they happily pathed around bear traps and stuff, I wonder why they would freeze up when it’s a mine?

Because they’re really bad at minesweeper?

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I think they don’t detect it’s a mine until they’re right on top of it, and if there’s 3 mines in front of them, they don’t have a valid path that moves them closer to you and avoids the mine.

It would be interesting to see if mi-gos can get past 3 beartraps perpendicular to their line of advance.

But in the case I described above, there was only 1 mine. The mi-go could have gone around it, but didn’t… :slight_smile:

Are you certain there weren’t mines you just hadn’t detected?

There were mines further away, but not near where the mi-go was positioned. My characters always start with level 3 trapping, as I like using minefields to ‘thin out’ the enemy presence… :smiley: So I was able to see where all the mines were. There was also a flatbed truck right in the middle of the minefield, so I’m not sure if that might have helped to confuse the mi-go. But then, again, it wasn’t really near to where we were…