Mi-go spawn rates should be lowered

I think mi-go are pretty unbalanced since they’re incredibly fast, incredibly tough, and can slice up players easily. Now this wouldn’t be a problem if not for the fact they cab spawn anywhere in the wilderness. Other mobs like the military zombies family are acceptable since they usually only spawn in specific areas, but the mi-go seem to be able to spawn anywhere outside of town in my experience.
It seems like once they spot you, you’re already basically dead.
Are there any mods that can help balance this? Because I feel they should be much more uncommon or be restricted to only certain areas.

I mean, unless you’re trotting through the woods and happen upon one, you’ve usually got line of sight on them before it sees you.

If you really can’t avoid it, try molotovs or shooting it in the face.


Aren’t mi-gos pretty much an indication that there is a scientists body site nearby? Not sure if I ever seen one spawn on overworld without body site. They like to chase random pray so the site might be some ways off.

Any body site, they vary in type.

No, they shouldn’t be lowered. I’m against anything that lowers the difficulty of creatures, since they are a threat only when you are on foot, without any equipment and have a new character.

Mi-go’s spawn near scientist loot, they are typically and almost always on an open field, so if you run into them with a poorly prepared character, you have tactically fracked up, because on an open field scenario it’s difficult to find cover or escape. But due to their typical placement and spawn, they are easy to spot and it’s a matter of you properly scouting ahead and being aware of potential dangers having the most impact for effective means of dealing with them. They are a threat if you travel recklessly and without caution.

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I recommend using auto safe mode and it’s manager. You want to trigger safe mode only for lethal mobs as soon as they enter your vision instead of normal fodder zombies.

The last time I died to a mi-go was about… a year or two ago or something when I ran into one in the middle of the night in day 1, but that’s a risk you take and applies to wolf packs and the like as well.

Also, you should always be carrying a burst fire weapon & explosives or it’s only a matter of time before you die and think “I should’ve had that in my inventory”.

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Early, but probably not day one, mi-go repellant that fits in a regular sized holster would be a double barreled shotgun with its barrel and stock cut down. Waiting for it to get next to you and fire both barrels will most likely send it running away and almost dead.

Rocking the cataclysm Mad Max style :smiley: