Balance issue: science away teams are almost invariably lethal in recent builds

Didn’t see any mention of this anywhere so I guess it goes here, but it’s not a bug per se. I’ve tried a few experimental builds from the last few days, and I’ve noticed that science away teams now come with some of the most dangerous critters in the game to keep them company, like Mi-Gos and such. They have ripped about half a dozen of my characters a new arsehole before they’ve even spent a couple of days in the world, so that’s Fun. They’re too fast to run away from and have a billion hitpoints, I didn’t mind when they were end-game type things in the bottom of labs but now they are just chilling out all over the map. If this is going to be a thing, science teams need to spawn a lot less frequently, or have less of a chance to spawn the serious monsters.

Why are you approaching them? You should spot mi-gos before they spot you, so just go around.

Depends on the location. Open field, yeah. In town, maybe not: blind corners and all that.

Mi-gos have a huge sight range, 50 tiles I think. If one happens to be behind a tree while you make those 10 steps, you’re kinda boned. I would be fine with removing them from the specials spawns and increasing the other types, or adding some new mid-range type to fill the gap.

If it’s in an open field, lure it to the nearest bush and then whack the shit out of it.

Migos aren’t that hard, you just need to know how to deal with them as with every enemy in cdda.

The problem is that Mi-go is OP to an early game character. I personally haven’t seen anything other than blobs spawn near scientists and drug dealers though. Simple enough to walk around.