Mini - go prisoner AI

So i fought my way into a settlement and bashed my way through the resin cells. But when i try to order the prisoner to follow me, they move erratically, trying to run off to the north end of the compound, far away from the exit.

Try equipping them with charged gas masks.

didn’t help. The NPC is also ignoring “do not open doors” command as well.

1 NPC finally did leave the place and joined me in the car, but the other is doing the same thing as the last one did.

Mi-go places are strange, and their prisoners are even stranger sometimes. I once had two of the guys I saved from mi-go scout tower vanish into thin air while they still counted as my followers and were seen on the map. My advice is to always expect them to be bugged in some way.

seems that way. it took them close to 1/2 an in game day before they finally wandered out into the car.

Force-wear a mask on the prisoner with some kind of filtration, and only bring them out one at a time. If you try to do 2 or more at a time for a mass escape, they have a tendency to get lost in the void somewhere and you’ll never find them again.