Mi go's acting odd

I didn’t want to post this in the bug forum because this could be intended. But has anyone else noticed mi-go’s spawning in odd places? I keep dying or nearly dying to them in odd places. Like how I just met one in an apartment complex. I dont think there are any portals nearby either. Oh. And they are invisible. No clue why. (using build 1921)

They spawn there rare sites.

And for the invisible part, are you using tiles?

They do also like to occasionally spawn near corpses of military or scientists, perhaphs some of those are nearby.

This is probably it. If a corpses-map_special happens in a building, the nether critters may show up inside or out.

yeah happened to me one of the games, where migos in unusual locations

At first i thought it said “the grass won’t keep us safe.”

at night so it hasn’t seen me yet

and my perfectly logical mind decided to start bashing on a door.

First encounter with a mi go was in a museum with NPC’s off. My character heard “these ear rings look nice” or some such gibberish. Freaked me out.

Oh crap. What tilesets don’t display these things?!

Oh crap. What tilesets don’t display these things?![/quote]
Many. Hoders can, though it can’t display most items (and never, ever go in malls. The tiles are non existent and cause trippiness).

I’m using blockheads tileset. And I think they were spawning near a helicopter crash.

I can confirm that blockhead has no default for non-zombies. I do not recommend using it unless you add in one (or like invisible enemies).

mi-go are horrifying. My first sighting was in a lab. I kept hearing it imitating the shouting of scientists, then I walked into a room and saw it behind reinforced glass walls. I didnt know it couldn’t break out so my thoughts before booking it out of that lab was something along the lines of “nope.”

Just a note that migos do have enough damage to get through a standard survivor suit… occasionally