Risks and passive defenses

Hello. great game you’ve got here. really very wonderful. I have a pair of questions unrealated to one another. One ive got a sort of feel for, the other I haven’t been able to find an answer for.

the one I sort of know but am not sure of its this, how dangerous is a Mi-go? I know what they are as I have read the lovecraft stories, but in game, is there anything special I should worry about? how hard do they hit? its not an urgent question as I found the thing trapped in a science lab behind a glass wall and gibbering quietly to itself. the thing is, it was near the entrance to this lab so I haven’t been able to raid it for fear of it killing me. (ive made the rather unwise mistake of growing attached to my character.) also, my left arm is currently in a sling because of a rather intense fight after I wrecked my truck driving through the horde gathered outside a FEMA camp.

the other question is, where the hell do all the zombears and zombie dogs come from? im assuming that the dogs and bears killed by the acid rain get back up, but Im not sure and haven’t found an answer to this one. what sort of passive defenses would be most effective at stopping these obvious threats? also, the corpses lying around, would butchering/burning them cut down on the number of the beasts in the area?

Migos are okayish fighters with moderate to high hitpoints, I wouldn’t suggest to engage them in melee unless you are fairly skilled or have a strong bashing or cutting weapon instead. So its better if you search for a gun before trying to kill those.The migo trapped inside the glass room however is no threat to you, it cant escape unless you interact with the computer and override the locks.

The zombie animals just randomly spawn around you, there’s not much you can do about it other than sleeping in a basement. Sleeping in rooms without windows helps prevent the zombear ate me while sleeping problem, but they will still spawn and ambush when you leave in the morning.

ah thank you. I guess ill head back to the lab then.

im hold up in a garage in a tiny town. mostly they ambush me when im opening/closing the garage door or pulling apart the garbage vehicles around town. they tend to get into my vehicle projects and/or solar lamps and wreck them.

Just throwing this in, its a good idea to butcher anything with zom in the name.

yeah, I usually pulp the corpses. mostly out of rage though.

If you are super serious about passive defenses, multiple lines (like 4 or 5) of spiked pit traps will stop any normal wandering garbage. Its a huge hassle though. Mostly you just want to be boss enough to take the suckers out without too many problems.
Pulping/butchering zombie corpses will stop them reanimating after a while.

I generally just make tons and tons of bear traps, and leave them around everywhere, spiked pit traps are a huge hassle to maintain, they eventually break and you have to add more spikes, with bear traps you can just reset them when you wander by.
I forget where the recipe is, but a bear trap takes 3 scrap metal and a spring in whatever version I happen to be using at the moment.

Alternatively: metric fucktonnes of nailboard traps

Don’t they break?

Also blade traps.

grenade traps! actually, most of my grenade traps took out the local wildlife. one lucky nade trap did get a zombear AND a zombie dog in one shot though. nailboards and caltrops seem effective enough, zombie dogs usually die when they get the the third line of those.