About anvil's

is there an easy way to make them? and if you can find them where can you?

Yes you can make then but they require a electric/charcoal forge, random metalsmithing tools, and 40 lumps of steel.

You can find them in garages.

i said easy way to make them but the second part helps so thanks.

That is the only way to make them.

as in a good way to get the lumps to make it but i should be fine now with.

You should be able to get tons of lumps by taking apart a car/wreck and disassembling the plates/frames; though this requires quite a bit of welder charges.

Alternatively, driving an car into a big building will accomplish the same thing. If you can survive the crash.

Finally, you can assemble lumps using either scrap metal, metal chunks, or rebar. The first two you can get by smashing or disassembling most metal furniture, and the last you can get tons of by burning down a house. Note that this requires a lot of battery/charcoal for the recipe.

i think i could see it casting alot of charcoal. good thing i live near a forest and have a charcoal knil (i forgot what it is called). also i forgot about buildings being made of rebar. whelp time to blow stuff up.

Having zombies smash up cars can be an easy way to get lumps, you can also find anvils in hardware stores.

The easy way to do metalworking is to run off a storage battery rather than trying to power everything with flashlight batteries.
Dismount doors from a car to get steel frames and use them to make a new 3x1 ‘vehicle’ next to your residence. In the first square mount a storage battery and a solar panel, both off an electric car.
Make a vehicle welding rig and install it in the second square.
Make or find an electric furnace and install it in the third square.
Voila! As much welding and forging as you like, without needing any charcoal or a single battery beyond powering the welder for initial installations.
Make a crucible and you can disassemble cars for endless steel. Plating (from quarterpanels and roofs) gives the best yield when disassembled.

Another way to get metal is to use a shovel on Metal Wreckage tiles.