MERGED! map feature [they see me scrollin]


But can you turn this into the first side-scroller roguelike?

Looks pretty cool

That’s easy, just disable 123 and 789 on your keypad, instant side scroller. GLHF :wink:

This is pretty cool, it gives the enhanced memory banks CBM even more utility. I followed the road over a dozen map tiles, looking for patches of water along the road. Very handy.

I seem to be particularly dull today. Can someone explain what exactly is happening? All I see is the map scrolling, as one could accomplish with “X”.

I believe you can now scroll through any map you have memorized, as far as you want.

I think you should disable 741 instead… otherwise you get game over the first time you see a building.

Ah…you want super mario. Imagine the frustration of accidently pressing 96 or 3 and leaving your stash behind forever. My versions frustration will be seeing all that stuff just out of reach :stuck_out_tongue:
I like yours better.