[Bug] 'm' Map navigation and other things [0.8-624-g5127780]

In this version I can’t use the numpad keys for navigation of the map. I’m sure Numlock is on when I was trying to navigate with the number keys. Really hard to mark houses and there is no key for east.
It becomes

h- right
j- up
k- down
u- north west
i- north east
m- south east
n- south west

and there is a JOY_3 option for exiting map what key is it?

also in the Custom Character window on the Trait tab the traits Packmule, Quick, Tough, Bad Back, Glass Jaw,
Hardcore has extra percent

and I tried the debug menu and saw that the vehicle names are changed again for example the Electric Car to electric_car again
on the Wish for Item I saw that yoroi has It’s own character so it looks like this when on inventory.http://imgur.com/V8thg0n

here’s the link to the gallery showing the errors

Oops, my laptop has no numpads, so I forgot all about the numeric direction bindings.