Merchants and Settlement Mod

Personally, I prefer STALKER, Fallout or Metro like games (in the field of social interaction) rather than surviving alone. So I thought making such a village and barter with another survivors something useful each other will be the basis for social interaction. So, I have made it.

This mod adds some Traders Hideouts, Abandoned Shelter, Survivors Settlement. Each areas have their own Traders and dealers for their fields.
For the settlement, that is fortified Campsite. Heavily armed guards are protecting the gate and some caravans are dwelling in it. Like the refugee center, it also spawns only one time in the overall map. So, try to find it.

For NPCs, they will restock their commodities every 3 days. (I suppose)
Robbing them is your free. However, do not forget it: The rumor that you are a bandit or raider will spread out among other people soon.

Also, New scenario and profession added. It can change the face of the game somewhat differently because the fierce surviving contents will be weakened and you can concentrate on exploration with the support of NPCs.

However, values of items are assigned oddly. So, trading with NPCs, you can get two first-aid kits by 10 stones. I don’t know why some fundamental items are assigned to so low price. Maybe it should be fixed some after. Anyway, Trading can be cheating in some case.

Known problems

  1. Though you are village dweller, The guard will treat you as like he first sees you.
  2. Some times, if items of merchants are too heavy or bulky, they will refuse trading.

New Scenario

Village Dweller - 1p
Some years have passed from the cataclysm. I learned some skills to survive in wasteland by my parents, who are not living now. And now, I have to get out from the hometown to get supplies, like my predecessors did.
(Starts at survivors settlement, a year passed, have some essential items)

New Profession

Novice Scavenger - 1p
The Novice Scavenger who came out from the hometown a minute ago. Still everything at ‘Outside wasteland’ is embarrassing. It seems I need to get some weapons like pipe rifles by trading something.

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Download :

Great idea!!! Will check it out on my next playthrough

Great mod, adds a surprising amount to the game. It’d be nice to see this idea expanded upon with some more village designs, and some new traders (electronics, books, and vehicle parts come to mind)