Merchant suddenly died

The one give the quest for 25 plutonium.
I walk around the building and read I just failed mission.
I reload and try teleport using debug, say NPC died. Already try turn debug mode, nothing to read.
Its a bug?
Its possible resurrect NPC?
I m using last experimental, as always.

You can spawn an NPC and add the mission to it by using the edit NPC function.

Thanks for answer.
Still want to know is there a console command.

its cheating, but I found that its sometimes best to apply the “debug invincibility” cheat to the merchant. If possible, its also worth replacing the wooden reinforced doors outside with metal doors and ensuring all the windows are closed.

I don’t think its possible to resurrect a specific NPC, though, since the ones the games spawned are different than what you can spawn.

I dont know about that debug.
The biggest problem is the merchant died as soon my toon see it.
This mean I walk near the guy and it died, I teleport near and it died too. But I can see him in the list of NPC in area.
I m very curious about what kill him. The last time I teleport near there is no other creature inside the cage he resides.

What it could be is that he is carrying too much weight, or that his health value is low/radioactive. Using the debug, press 5 to view NPCs, select him, then check his HP, status, Needs, and Health

As soon as the NPC is in range he died. I cant load the NPC.
But I can see him in game stats.
For that i ask for some sort of console command or where is stored in the save file.
Its not a big deal, still dont have 25 plutonium and no intention of gave him that much :stuck_out_tongue: but this annoy me a lot.