we have che…err deBUG menu. one of us fair-players and other of us err… tester-players by situation. i sometimes use test-codes and that ok.
we have “kill NPC” in debug menu. ok.
but why we do not have “resurrect NPC”?

i take unloggable quest “old guardia”.
and - before i understand “WHERE and WHAT” - mission objectives are been dead :’(

why live is so hard??? :frowning:
why this f**ing colonnel not wait me - and die? :frowning:
i need “resurrection” spell or something of that kind.
can i resurrect?
or - in general - may i resurrect NPC?

I don’t think you can, but I think you can debug the NPC to have a certain branch of quests.

Because NPCs are bug riddled piles of failure and dealing with their death is part of the !!FUN!! obviously. The kill NPCs was put in because they used to be so badly bugged they had a self destruct feature built in to keep them from infinite recursion loops. That and sometimes they did really, really stupid shit and killing them with 2 button presses was the only viable option. Even now they shoot through each other, hand over lit/activated explosives, and do other silly things. Kind of like DF, only less magma.

Their heads don’t explode anymore? aw…

They can, it’s just that we’ve fixed most of the things that trigger it.