Disappearing NPCs?

Hey guys. I’m new. Saw the RPS post and, well, here I am. I haven’t been able to tear myself away from this game for a week now.

Anyway, I started a game with NPCs on. Had an NPC in my evac shelter. Recruited him. Everything’s been going smoothly. He wanted a relic or something from the local cathedral, so off we went. Cleared out the main level, then I went down the stairs. I walked a few steps and realized my buddy wasn’t with me. No sweat. Ran back up the stairs… and he’s gone.

I’ve wandered all around the cathedral and I can’t find him anywhere. Cleared out the lower level and he’s not there, either.

What’s up? His quest doesn’t show up as failed–I assume if he mysteriously died it would be a failure. Also, no corpse anywhere I can find. Any way I can recover my NPC friend or am I out of luck?

Damn! Does he appear on the main map at least?

Yeah, he does. His name is in the same spot he was at before I went down the stairs. I’ve walked circles, hit control C and control V to try and communicate/spot him. The map says he’s there, but I can’t find him.

I think the demigorgon claimed him.

That’s happened to me a couple of times, and it’s weird and annoying.

You can fix it it by going into the save file, finding the NPC’s name, finding the xpos and ypos entries, and setting them both to 1. That will cause your NPC to appear somewhere in the local map the next time you reload.

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Pardon me for resurrecting a thread, but had this happen. Where are NPCs in the save file? Under the save folder in the .sav file, I see mainly kills, recipes, effects, but no NPC names. Thanks!

search within the files for the npcs name, and after their name, their will be their associated data, where you can set their position.

Well, managed to do… Something, and now the invisible NPC and another one have turned pink on the map. The visible one booked it, shouting something about wanting a relic. Hope he’s headed for one of those NPC cabins. Closest one is near an active fungal tower, tho.

Lesson: should have waited and tried the emergency recall option at the camp. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, a note: This doesn’t work for traveling NPCs. They seem to stay at the place you left them, and can’t be recalled via the board. If you go back and tell them to follow, then to guard in a car, it seems to set up the conditions for the disappearing bug.