Memory of pre-cataclysm locations

Is it in the plans to add auto-revealed locations upon new character creation?

It makes sense that a character should know, even stressed or under the effects of psychosis, where some things are.

I realize that this could be explained away by the “Blob psychosis”, but I really think this would add immersion to an already rich game.

For instance, unless the character is homeless like the Hobo or Crackhead or start in their home, they should know where home is. Even if homeless/addicted , they probably know shelters, churches, and (most importantly) the dealer’s house or liquor store.

The Mall Cop may start in the mall, but he probably has a cheap apartment somewhere.

If they had a job, they should know where the job is.

Of course, some may be unmanageable. For instance, an executive could have many homes in several states, but because Cataclysm does not have interstates nor if I am sure could handle vast distances would be unfeasible. A prisoner might know a relative’s house but it, too, could be states away…

Of course, there is no guarantee the other known locations would be safer or worse nor if it would have anything valuable. For instance, if I was a nurse or nursing assistant and I was off in my house, NO WAY I am going to the nursing home or hospital or clinic. BUT - I would know where they are.



If that will be added, I’m sure it will probably cost character points, as it would give you an “advantage”. After all, we already have to pay for being able to drive, or make a shovel, or <insert practically any recipe which requires skill level 1/2 in pretty much anything except things like blacksmithing>.