Before the Cataclysm (and another suggestion)

Now that we have proffesions, we could try something else like "Where were your character before shit hitted the fan?"
For a few points, we could choose our start point
Shopping: Starts in a random shop (-# of skills/trait points)
In jail: Starts inside the nearest police station, inside a cell. When you break the door, an alarm will trigger and 2 manhacks will start hitting you (+#)
Camping trip: Start in the middle of the forest with MREs, water, a tent and a backpack (-#)
In a mine: You wake up in a mine, with tattered clothes and without supplies. (+#)

About the other suggestion, what about an "E"xamine button (Instead of "E"ating) to examine an object further to discover things about it, like the damage/name of a gun, a bottle of quimical sustances, how much time does it take to read a book… The more damaged the weapon/bottle/books, the harder to identify the item’s properties

What kind of people take MREs for camping thought…

In the dev version, the "V"iew items menu now allows you to "E"xamine nearby items as if you had them in your inventory. Get stats and descriptions, that sort of thing. Is that what you were thinking of with regards to examining items?

No. Youll actually need to pick up the item and "E"xamine it to see it stats and name. "V"iew exists, but how the fuck do you recnogojize (I dont know how to write, too sleepy) a five-seven from 20 tiles away in the body of a soldier? How do you know what’s the weapon name/acurrancy/magazine size (I cant seriusly write) if you never seen a gun like that before? How do you know the title of the book 5-20 tiles away? (6 meters or so meters or so)

With "E"xamine, youll have to pick the stuff up, read the cover of the book or the name of the gun on a side of it and maybe test the weapon to see it actual acurrancy stats, damage and recoil

I messed the first part a bit. I meant not examining it with "i"nventory. I meant really examining it, not like going “i” and then the thing and bam! all the information you want