Maze Runner "Grievers" and mazes

I thought that adding “Grievers” from the first Maze Runner movie would be a good idea and would fit in Cataclysm. Imagine having giant mazes filled up with these deadly predators, and in the middle of the maze, something legendary or tons of loot. I would really like to program it myself, but i’m completely new to the project and it’s probably better for me to start with an easier example.
Here is a picture of the creature in a giant maze:


But this is just an idea … would love to hear your opinions everyone!


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You could make Grievers pretty easily. Adding a poison effect for their attacks would be a little more complicated, but also doable from reading the documentation and trial/error.

Adding a location, like a maze, is a bit more complicated but is also pretty easily learned by looking at other examples and playing around with the files. is a good place to start

You can look at other monster entries here

And lots of explanation of what those lines mean here

Also, the folks in the forum can be pretty helpful if you have any questions.

Thank you for your reply!
Will look forward to learn how to mod Cataclysm definitely.
If nothing, it’s gonna be pure fun, but I hope it will also be something people will want to see and use in their own clients :slight_smile:

I only ever read the book, and boy, my imagining of it looks very different.
CDDA already has a good few references, and this would be cool. I’d like it. I could probably fit into the lore really easily as well.
BTW, might want to plop down a spoiler warning relative to that series. Just in case.

I’d say make it a mod though, usually niche stuff like this goes that way, and if you do, add the date it’s modded for too.