Mattress transportation, how do?

Building my faction camp, want to make fancy beds because I can. Need 2 mattresses per bed, they have a volume of 300L each, too big for cargo space. What’s your bulk mattress transportation solution?
All I can think of is to strap a bunch of tied mattresses on to my hobo cart. And no, they can’t be crafted, even if they could that would be a pain in the butt. I know you can craft a down mattress but you’re talking several 1000 down feathers.

As you suggested, either pad your vehicle with mattresses all around, or wield them and carry them one-by-one (I have no idea how it’s possible to drive with a 300 liter mattress in your arms, but apparently you can).
Or you can go by foot and drag 3 of them along (usually what I do). That would be 4 mattresses per journey.

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Seems kinda silly that you can’t get the short ropes back when you detach tied matresses. I guess they’re supposed to be treated like vehicle armor. Also 300L seems excessive for half a bed. Is there any way to load them in a vehicle at all?

It’s a bug, and not in vanilla.

That also explains why it takes a hacksaw and a lot of time to “untie” a mattress.

Well… unless you talk about a vanilla bean, which usually don’t contain mattresses (I hope)… it’s in the main (unmodded) game:

Oh, just realized you talked about the second part… Alright. Sorry.

I don’t think there is, sadly. Even though usually you’re able to roll up a (modern) mattress.

The hacksaw thing is a new bug – looks like hacksaws were added to uninstall requirements for the basic ram_blaze item in the recent overhaul of that stuff, and my mattress part does a copy_from it, so it inherited that. I’ll have to patch it back to having no requirements.

The ropes disappearing is a long-standing bug in vehicle construction where you only get the first installation item back on uninstall, several parts are affected. Feel free to debug your ropes back in if you like, it’s only fair.


An easy fix would be to introduce a new “bundled/tied mattress” recipe that you use to install the vehicle part. And, ahem, it would be really neat if this item had a slightly reduced voulme… like I dunno… 250L? Just a random number off the top of my head :relaxed:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to add a build recipe for any normal matress components to deconstruct the ones currently in homes and rebuild them elsewhere? All the round about ways to do that make little sense to me. Maybe I’m missing something about the concept of matresses in game? :roll_eyes:

I assumed there’s a good reason you can only make down mattresses, but I dunno. I’m guessing that crafting a spring mattress isn’t something you can do on a whim.

Well…thinking more about it. It stands to reason if a person can take one apart. It should be fairly simple to use the same components to slap it back together. Not saying that I could personally do it. Maybe it could be done by some folks with something we equate with fabrication skill at a high level?

I have however made a makeshift mattress in real life. It was not because of this topic. Just poor lol

A bed roll + a fluffy quilt + 2 thin blankets/sheets + a folding cot = hobo bed!

Not even intentionally thinking about how to make one in game did I just think of how to make one in game. Pretty sure we even have the parts. Anyone wanna add that in? Be my guest. Pretty comfy =D

Well straw mattresses and down mattresses are already a thing (in-game). I think it would make even more sense to implement cots, which are essentially just canvas suspended on a frame. They can be folded into a compact form and they’re fairly comfy imo. Common solution for camping/military.

Here, this is exactly what I mean:
Would make loads of sense to have these in bulk at FEMA camps. For balance purposes it would be totally reasonable to give them a much lower “warmth” rating than a bed or sofa, requiring a blanket or sleeping bag to stay warm.

I know rollmats are a thing, but I’m thinking of cots as an alternative installation to beds that are very quick & easy to deploy. Would pair well with the existing “large tent”.

You meen… like this?

Lmao yes, didn’t even realize those are in the game. Where get?

I got one from a FEMA camp once, but that’s a long way back… Not sure where one could get them now.

There’s really no reason for them to be rare. They should be the norm in fema camps and probably even military outposts. (INB4 I just didn’t notice that they’re the beds in FEMA camps, just acknowledging that might be possible, I don’t like hanging around in those spots tbqh). Apologies in advance for shifting off-topic.

Checking the code, they seem to spawn in bandit camps, fortified houses and on some rooftops. With the mod More Locations they might also spawn in (probably mod specific) military outposts and in bandit towers.
As items they can be found in pawn shops and military surplus stores.

That’s basically sweeping a bug under the rug, and it’s kind of silly. It also doesn’t fix the other parts that are affected by this bug.