Match Trigger small problem

So when you wanna use Match Trigger and it takes a crazy amount of skill to install one. I noticed it gave -1…well I am not certain what mod or if core game it comes from but I changed to -15 in my game. Makes the effort seem reasonable. Anyone feel the same and can fix this?

The match trigger is included in the basegame

in comparison, a most barrel attachments increase the dispersion by 15 aswell
you would need to imagine you had a really horrible trigger before for this buff to make sense

also the skill requirements don’t seem to qualify as as crazy imo, seeing as you’d need to disassemble the firearm and put it back together, possibly modifying it to fit the ‘out of the box’ ‘universal’ match trigger

This IS the fixed state.
Previously it gave a huge bonus, probably based on the same rationale of “effort = improvement” you state, but that doesn’t make any sense.
As @joker points out, why is the default trigger so bad that improving it means your gun gets significantly more accurate?

Basically a match trigger is useful if your gun is already incredibly well tuned and accurate, but for a typical pistol or even rifle the benefit is too small to bother with.

Maybe all the guns were made in China and they purposely made them terrible so replacing parts in it makes it better? Or it’s the Russians using their computers to hack the gun factories to make America fall?! lol
But in all seriousness they probably made terrible guns because mass production so the guns that are still around are a bit faulty.
Or your guns just so happen to be the worst ones ever.

You’re a special case, As such you have my explicit approval to set your match trigger dispersion buff to whichever value you desire :rofl:

What do you mean @joxer ?

@Eastwardrope91 You’ve rationalized it, go ahead and use it.

Guns are not always vibration free. One could assume the game world has a variety of weapons that have to much and this mod would help stabilize it a bit.

The UK L85a1 sucked pretty hard until the next variant fixed several problems. Not all guns are quality out of the gate.